Traditions, A Holiday Collective

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I’m so glad you’re here…and I’m so happy to offer you this FREE gift. Traditions, A Holiday Collective was born out of a desire to bring the simple beauty of real life holiday traditions back into focus. The traditions shared throughout this book offer 80 pages of inspiration and are shared from the hearts and homes of 21 Christian writers.

Traditions are the treasured places where our hearts land with a sense of home that only comes from that which is deeply familiar. The experience of them exists right in that small, yet significant window between memories of years past and the hope of memory-making that will be savored in years to come. Traditions are the calm and consistent in the midst of the chaos and they serve our souls by reminding us that our hearts belong to the people we share them with.

May your holiday traditions become treasured memories and may they bless you and draw your hearts closer to those you love and to Jesus.

By Grace Alone,
Sandi Sutton