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Fuzzy Jammies, Fuzzy Hearts | GUEST POST by Amanda Davison

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by Amanda Davison

Growing up in an unstable home environment, when I had a family myself, I wanted to create a different holiday experience for my own children.

But after my husband and I started having children, we realized that the busyness of running from celebration to celebration hadn’t left space to create any of our own traditions.

So on a drive home from my in-laws home, on a snowy, Minnesota dark night, I explained that I wanted our children to experience our own tradition. As we talked about what this might look like, we determined what our own tradition would be: Christmas Eve morning, all of us wearing new, fuzzy, warm, jammies, would cozy up on the couch, watch Christmas movies, and eat caramel rolls. I mean, can it get any better than that?!

As much as we love our jammies, movies and caramel rolls, it would still be a special time without it. Carving out our own time as a family allows room for our own memories to take place. We keep this morning for ourselves, yet still enjoy extended family on the days before and after. But we have set this time aside for ourselves. It is a time to be together in our fuzzy jammies, and our hearts are fuzzy too!

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