Faith, Practical & Purposed

5 Minutes and 23 Seconds

I’ve spent the majority of my morning working in my living room…my Bible open, worship music playing in the background, treasured books scattered around me, my laptop, notepads, several colored…

Permission to Pause | Sandi Sutton
Grace, Practical & Purposed

Permission to Pause

A few short years ago I experienced the first, of what has now become several, full blown anxiety attacks…in public. Every time this has happened I’ve been in a restaurant…


Eclipsed by the Son

I woke up extra early today…in an effort to be extra productive. Sometimes when I am uninterrupted by kid chatter and find myself with some prolonged moments of quiet…my mind…

Amazing Grace

Prone to Wander

Why was it so hard to remember how to pray? How had I become so distant…from God…and from other believers? Why did facing the God who loved me and saved me feel so humiliating and terrifying?

When Trusting God is Hard

When Trusting God is Hard

His faith made me curious about God…which is exactly what faith should do. Trials build our character and they reveal our character…but they should never cause us to question God’s character.

Lord Be the Death of Me
Faith, Grace

Lord, Be the Death of Me. . .

My prayer, while I begin as I intend to go, is simple…”Lord, be the death of me.” “Jesus…Put to death my PRIDE…and fill me with the HUMILITY of a servant following in the footsteps of her savior.”