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An Annual Gathering: Pilgrims, Indians and Outlaws | GUEST POST by Karmen Smith

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by Karmen Smith

Thanksgiving Day will be here before we know it! THREE CHEERS for the FEAST, FELLOWSHIP and this wild and wacky FAMILY!

My husband and I are doubly blessed to have healthy relationships with each of our extended families.  We visit and enjoy delicious goodness with both groups on Thanksgiving Day. (Note to self: Diet NOW!)

But for the sake of this post, I will be referring to my mother’s rather large extended family.  She is one of a four-part sibling set. She ranks number three just before her baby sister who sings like a songbird and after two crafty brothers who love family as much as the rest of us.

The generation that began as four found the loves of their lives, married and begat 16 more who found love, (most) married and begat 32 more and counting.  You get the idea.   

As Thanksgiving nears, it’s always my great honor and privilege to send out details for the gathering to as many as can be found. 

The annual invite reads something like this:

No need for fine print because everyone knows it’s not a suggestion, but instead it’s tradition to come dressed as Pilgrims and Indians!

No, you aren’t on Candid Camera!

It’s always a TREAT to see who will come dressed as what?

We never know until they show how many Pilgrims or Indians there will be. The young and old, short and tall, everyone is glad to play along. Oh, except for the OUTLAWS (which includes my husband & a few of the other spouses who choose not to participate…BOO!) We’ve threatened not to let them eat if they don’t come dressed the part but as it turns out our follow through is rather lame. Most costumes are homemade. Pilgrims usually (but not always) in black and white while the Indians adorn themselves with feathers, burlap, beads, and leather. Each year a WINNER is chosen.

O gracious me! The countdown is on what will it be this year for me – a PILGRIM or an INDIAN?? Hmmmmm? You’ll have to wait and see!

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