Hi there!

I’m Sandi—and I’m a mother of four boys (24, 21, 18 & 13) and one girl (7). My life is crazy. Crazy busy—and also just crazy. Because—5 kids. 

I’m also a writer, photographer, and the Founder & Editor of The Joyful Life Magazine. But most importantly, I’m a Christian, saved by grace alone. Which is a good thing—because I’ve spent much of my life making an enormous mess of things.

my story

is not the one i set out to write

Maybe yours isn’t either. However, God’s grace is unfailing, and in the midst of my own wandering and my most broken seasons of life, God has anchored my heart to His.

I am passionate about reminding God’s women of His grace and restoration in the face of their pain and brokenness—regardless of its origin. There is a profound beauty in the scars that are worn after Christ’s restoration of a life. A beauty that often surpasses the surface beauty of an unblemished life.

May we all be women restored by His amazing grace and may our scars ever point to His scars, worn on our behalf.

A Time for change

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…”
“…a time to be silent and a time to speak.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7b

In November 2005, I decided that I wanted to be a photographer. I knew nothing more about photography than the average person, but I decided one afternoon that I wanted to be a photographer and promptly set out to learn everything I could about the art and business of photography. Within a few weeks I was taking clients and within a couple of years I was teaching photography workshops and private mentor sessions across the country. It has been an amazing 12 years and I have been extremely blessed to be able to earn a living doing something that I have loved so very much.

However, five short weeks prior to the beginning of that 12 year journey I had just had a baby (my 4th), my oldest son had been hospitalized and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (4 days before his brother was born), we were still unpacking boxes after moving into a new home in September (the week before I was due), and if that wasn’t more than enough—I was also homeschooling my 3 oldest sons.

it felt like the wrong time to start a business

but God had a purpose

In January 2017, I decided it would be my last year as a full time photographer. It wasn’t an easy decision—in fact, I had an extremely difficult time accepting the change of seasons, complete with fears and tears. However, as difficult as the decision was, it was a prayerful one made in faith. Throughout that season, God reminded me time and again that my identity was not found in any earthly thing, but in Him alone.

While those 12 years of my life were some of the most blessed in many ways and were marked by business success in an industry that I loved with a passion—they also represented the most profoundly broken decade of my personal life.

it feels like the wrong time to start writing

but God has a purpose

My hope is that you will find this space to feel like a big hug and an afghan snuggled chat over coffee and cinnamon rolls with kleenex at arms reach. We’ll talk about important things, sometimes important hard things. We’ll laugh and we’ll cry—like true friends do when they transparently share the joys and trials of life with one another. I’ll probably share some recipes, DIY projects, and fun things here and there, but mostly I will be sharing from my heart about my Savior and the redemptive work that only He can accomplish. I hope you find yourself at home here.

I pray that each time you leave this space you’ll feel encouraged, loved, and reminded that even in the face of our sin and brokenness, God’s grace is unfailing and abundant!

by his grace alone,